Pennsylvania Young Farmers is a group committed to education and promotion of environmentally appropriate production, marketing, and processing of food, feed and fiber. Our adult education in agriculture program provides individual and group organized instruction to agriculturists and consumer public in the local community. Specifically, the program is designed to assist those in production, agriculture, and agribusiness to become successfully established or to improve their current agricultural status. Also, an educational focus is to improve understanding and communication between the consumer public and the agricultural community regarding common concerns and issues.

"A Young Farmer is Any Farmer Willing to Learn"

President's Message

Hard to believe that the Winter Conference is just around the corner!  This year, I have been busy attending different Agricultural events to get the Young Farmer organization’s name out there. I had the pleasure of meeting some great people on my journey as President.

It seems that time keeps moving so fast and before you know it, we have made the trip of 365 days around the sun! Summer seemed to fly by so fast and fall has made her present known!  Winter, well it will roar it’s head here at some point, but not too much all at once, wishful thinking I know!

In February, I will pass the Presidency on to my husband D. Anthony Dietrich and we will continue our effort to get more members to keep our organization and the history of agriculture alive for many years to come. 

Thank you to all of you for being a part of the Young Farmers Organization here in Pennsylvania.  Our Commonwealth Leaders should be proud of all of you and everything that you do to keep our farming community growing! 

Michelle Dietrich